Overall process of enrollment, courses and curriculum


1. Create an account to enroll to get Instant Content

   > All you need to get started is a computer with Internet access and Microsoft Office software. Once you enroll, you will receive              access to our exclusive online learning system to immediately begin your first course. All students begin with an online                        orientation.

2. You study and complete your courses whenever you want, wherever you want

3. Graduation comes with the Achievement of Accredited High School Diploma with Bilingualism

Enrollment Options


Personal Enrollment / Sponsorship Enrollment

> Personal Enrollment– pay the tuition in full to sign up and get started

> Sponsorship Enrollment– Accepted Scholarship from Accredited Organizations and Benefactors

Financial Aid Overview


● Complete our enrollment application online or contact an Admissions Counselor by phone at 1-877-977-3772 to get more information about cost of tuition and or to make an initial payment. You can also pay the tuition in full to sign up and get started.

criteria and Standardized Testing


●Students entering Wegotchu™ Learning Academy must be at least 14 years of age and show transcripts, homeschooling portfolio, or standardized test scores indicating grade 8 or higher performance in all subject areas.

● Adults and Seniors are welcome to enroll when considering continued education, “Learning is a lifetime experience.”

● We offer an Exclusive Platform with Interactive Material and Live webinars.

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