Curriculum Overview


* Our flexible virtual learning experience allows students to study anytime or anywhere and complete work as their schedule allows. Because students don’t have the stress of due dates, they can spend more time on lessons that are more challenging and less time on lessons that they excel at.

* There is no requirement to pursue a full diploma program. We offer over 30 individual high school courses online for a single purchase. Our summer school students, in particular, find this option attractive for credit recovery. However, many students choose to enroll in one-time purchase courses for a variety of reasons:

>To get ahead in your studies.

>Take courses that are not available in your regular school curriculum.

>To challenge yourself with an honors or dual credit course.

>To make up for missed classes.

>Gain experience with online learning especially during a pandemic.

Student Tools and Resources


* COVID-19 Resources for Students

* LGBTQ Resources

* College Preoperatory Resources

Gifted/Advanced Learning

5 Websites for Gifted/Advanced Learning

● Byrdseed.

● Vi Hart.

● The Kid Should See This.

● TED-Ed.

● Science Friday

Early Graduation


> Getting ahead in studies guarantees early graduation

● Flexible virtual experience allows students to study and complete work anytime and or anywhere as their schedule allows       giving the opportunity for early advancement.

● University Agreements and Scholarships in the USA are available.



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● Medical Resources

● Community Resources

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