Wegotchu Enterprises ™ NPO, INC. is a Community-based Organization that promotes community service, community awareness, and community organizing to help children and families who are in need. Our focus is to provide resources where resources are not available. The importance of making connections by providing resources where resources are not available is a functioning key to the company and brand. Wegotchu Enterprises™ NPO, INC. plays a big part in community service and community organization.

Our Vision


Through process of forward-thinking; Wegotchu™ is the solution to the problems WE CAN SOLVE, by putting practice ahead of theory. The process will work through the provision of services available, the ability to generate referrals by making the right connections, and our unique way of enhancing resources under difficult circumstances. The youth will be provided with the essentials needed to academically succeed. Families, especially the ones dealing with hardship and who are in need will be educated and guided to sustain self-sufficiency with the vision to thrive and prosper for the good of the community. The Project will focus on community engagement and organizing. The vision of sharing a common goal is what it takes for true community leaders and volunteers, another word for community solution providers, to collaborate and want to innovate. Wegotchu Enterprises™ has substantial evidence of how the Millennial Generation will drive the innovation of tomorrow. Most of all the evidence comes from communication, which is key and is considered to be golden.

Wegotchu Enterprises™ is a self-started social enterprise that applies both, commercial mixed with community development strategies to maximize the improvements in the financial, social and environmental well-being of the community.

The brand that provides resources where resources are not available.

Wegotchu Enterprises™

The importance of making connections by providing resources where resources are not available is a functioning key to the company and brand. Wegotchu Enterprises™ NPO, INC. helps to develop community service and community organization. We have created and sponsored many nonprofit events that benefit children in local communities with the help of local agencies, businesses, and programs. Through this process, we are able to teach about the importance of safety and community awareness. These events range from “movie-nights” to “back-to-school drives” in which local kids in the community get to benefit, learn, and receive the proper essentials needed for the upcoming school year. They also include activities, games, prizes, and lots of fun for the whole family.


The Many Challenges


Many families are struggling. Many families are suffering from unemployment and homelessness. Many families predominantly suffer from physical and mental conditions. Many students are enrolled in free and reduced meal programs, and many do not even have food to eat because many parents are unable to provide the basic needs to take care of their own children. All genders and ages are impacted. Grandparents down to Newborns all face this reality. In addition to the harsh reality, schools across the country are facing severe budget cuts and lack the funding to properly teach our youth. Communities are lacking resources. Cities like ours that were designed for cars rather than for pedestrians and bicyclists not only burn more carbon, thereby contributing to climate change, but they also produce more air pollution and discourage physical exercise, exacerbating health problems. Unfortunate government mismanagement and bad business practices are the results of mistrust in our communities.

Altruism is the belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others. Humanity is a virtue associated with basic ethics of altruism derived from the human condition. It should be our responsibility especially in today’s society to help the people who are in need. Antisemitism or anything that has to do with discrimination against anyone of any color or religion should not be influenced or promoted. A wise professor once told me, “people are people,” which means exactly how it sounds, people are people, no matter the color, race, gender, or religion. We are all humans, who make mistakes. Some mistakes are unfortunately never learned. The mistakes that are never learned transcend into a negative consequence or outcome which results from a horrible act or ill-made decision. Unfortunately, these are the decisions that ultimately degenerate the world.


The Solution


People are people. We as people, have a responsibility to make sense of community, both local and global. Wegotchu Enterprises™ logistical strategies create true community solution providers that take actions and initiatives that come with validity. Social inequality is found in almost every society. With the sharing of information and a good deed of confidence when dealing with different boundaries and boarders, we as people have a responsibility to understand. It should be a call of duty as a leader to unite and get things done in a collaborative method in order to drive the innovation of tomorrow. The more we reach out into the community by providing and educating with as much information and resources as possible, the better it will be for everyone.

We as people need to have a responsibility to learn how to understand. Once we learn how to understand, acceptance is more tolerated, and understanding is more knowledgeable. Knowledge leads to education, which inspires new ideas in our daily world. Metaphorically, disapproval leads to putting up boarders, which is a form of defense, which results from fear.

“Fear is not wanting to know the unknown.”

Wilfred Torres

Not wanting to know the unknown, is in fact not wanting to learn. We as people should always have the willingness and eagerness to learn. To learn about everything and anything, and to educate is the way to help others who are in need, in order to make the world a better place. Teaching is free. Therefore, we must teach the importance of self-sufficiency. Sustainability is crucial. Therefore, we must flood the community with resources and services.

Wegotchu Enterprises™ NPO, INC. nonprofit mission statement:

“Wegotchu” is psychology for the world to become a better place. Wegotchu Enterprises™ promotes the qualities of elite education, success, gratitude, respect, drive, and motivation. Wegotchu Enterprises™ NPO Inc. is a community-based organization that enhances community service, community awareness, and community organizing to help children and families who are in need. Our focus is to provide resources where resources are not available. 

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